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Our Mission


Is to mobilize and empower the local community in seizing available untapped opportunities, maintaining health environment and promoting environmental related rights.

our mission

Friends of Usambara Objectives

  • To guide the process of tourism development in the Usambara mountains for the benefit of the local people
  • To promote Usambara area as a Tourist destination
  • To improve livelihoods in rural communities through the sustainable use of forests and forest products, especially through the cultivation and use of traditional foods and medicines to improve food security, nutrition, and health.
  • advocacy and promotion of public awareness of local environmental and socio-economic issues created by deforestation and unsustainable agriculture and the potential of trees to rehabilitate degraded land, generate livelihood benefits and combat climate change;
  • To inculcate the Culture of conserving environment through various Mechanism
  • To conduct research on various related issues on tourism and environment and take relevant actions thereafter.
  • To promote Entrepreneurship among the communities relevant to tourism and environment conservation
  • To do any other relevant activity as per above objectives

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Friends of Usambara Society,
P.O. Box 151,
Cell: +255 787 094 725
Tel: +255 27 266 0132


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