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Yassinyassin madiwa MadiwaHozza

Chief Executive &FoU Co-Founder

Madiwa joined FoU Since it started 1997.Madiwa has a varied background as an educator and manager in the fields of Environment and Tourism, holding bachelor on Tourism and travel Agency Management from Cambridge University UK, the training including the tourism industry: structure, organization, products, services, national and international importance, Economic and social consequences of tourism, marketing and promoting tourism and use of tourism statistic as well as project planning management, monitoring and evaluation. Madiwa Studies plant identification and use, learning both botanical and local names, local ecology and environment, culture and history of Shambaa and Mbugu tribes, as well as tour guiding skills.

My favourite tree – Pawpaw (Carica papaya).


Zubedazubeda EnosMnubi (4)

Green Team Officer

Zubeda holds a degree in Project Eco Tourism and Nature Conservation from the University of Sebastian Kolowa. Zubeda has over 3 years’ experience empowering community-based organizations in environmental management, including community mobilization and empowerment, resource mobilization and gender integration in natural resource management. She is also experienced in tourism activities as she attended seminars and events on environmental conservation and protection, ecotourism and tourism in general. Zubeda is also serving FoU as Tourist Information officer and Front Office Manager.

My favorite tree – Blue jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia).


Bahati Rajabu bahati2(3)

Finance and Facilities Manager.

Bahati joined FoU in July 2016 as Finance and Facilities Manager, with responsibility for handling generous donations and managing a budget. Bahati who graduated his bachelor degree in computer science & several accounts course before spending 2 years in the finance department of a software company providing services. It has been a long-held ambition for Bahati to move into the NGO National and he is delighted to join the FoU team and help support some amazing projects in the Usambara Mountains as well as Tanzania at a larger. When not in the office Bahati likes to cycle and swim with his family.

  • My favourite tree – Podo (Podocarpususambarensis)



Rosemary T. Dirosemary2das

Tree planting Officer

Rosemary joined FoU in 2016 as Tree Planting officer, with responsibility for managing the diverse portfolio of projects, small and large, that FoU supports in Usambara Mountains planting sites.

She was trained as a forester and has bachelor degree in Eco - Tourism and Nature Conservation graduate at Sebastian Kolowa Memorial University. She has over 3 years’ experience in managing forestry, agricultural and rural development projects in Africa. More recently, she has a particular interest in exploring ways in which local involvement in conservation and restoration of forests and ecosystems can contribute to sustainable livelihoods for rural communities.

My favourite tree – Avocado (Perceaamericana).

rebeka2Rebeka Madaha(5) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


She joined FoUin March 2018. Based in Field Practical, she has a responsibility for delivering FoU’s ‘Wellbeing in The Woods’ Project.

She initially taking field practical Trainings at FoU Office and she is from Universities of Dar es salaam and spendmost of her time volunteering at Friends of Usambara Society. She then turned her interest to research and complete her study back to Dar es salaam and has future endeavors to work permanently with FoU. She is studying and gaining experience of project management and partnership working, most recently with Friends of Usambara Society.

Rebeka is particularly interested in how planting and growing can promote confidence, health and wellbeing as well as providing economically and environmentally sustainable futures for communities.

My favorite tree –East African camphorwood (Sorbus aucuparia).

baraka2Baraka John (6)

Marketing Production and Communications Officer

Baraka has a varied background in arts and education since graduating with a 1st class hons in Tourism Entertainment at Escola de Turismo e Hotelaria de Inhambane - Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. He brings design, Video production writing, directing, teaching and public speaking skills over to FoU. Barakahas dedicated his life to becoming one of the next generations of environmental leaders, starting off by publishing all FoU works in the field of Tourism and Environmental conservation.

My favourite tree – Weeping willow tree (Salix babylonica).



issa hoza2Issa Hozza (7)

Tree Nursery Supervisor

Issa Hozza joined FoU in 2014 at  Lushoto office headquarters. He grew up in Reading and trained and worked as a secretary while serving the organization as Tour guide taking tourists around and showing them the beauty of Tanzania. Most of his time worked as Tree nurseries supervisor while serving as tourist’s information officer.

My favourite tree – Cherry Blossom tree (Prunus serrulata).




msambwe2Msambwe Madiwa Hozza (8)

Fundraising and Marketing Assistant

Msambwe joined FoU in 2017 and helps with fundraising and communications tasks. She studied Travel and Tourism Environmental Science at Tourism Institute of East Africa in Kampala Uganda, and spent several months travelling and volunteering on farms in the East Africa. She has also volunteered with FoU Ever since stated taking tourism and Environmental studies. She is interested in conservation and particularly in community action for sustainable development and enjoys volunteering for local community action groups. In her spare time, she enjoys arts & crafts and board games.

My favorite tree – Juniper (Juniperusprocera)

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