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Tree Nurserries Project

Friends of Tanzania With similar name FRIENDS OF USAMBARA SOCIETY AND FRIENDS OF TANZANIA are now working together on empowering the community on conserving the environment in the Usambara Mountains through exercising of raising 40,000 tree seedlings 20,000 for each school to be planted in the Usambara Mountains.tree nus

In consultation with the two Primary Schools, about 160 schools 80 for each school are joining the campaigns of conserving this unique mountain considered to be amongst the 23 hot sport biodiversity on the Earth whereby currently over 40,000 are on pipelines on the school tree nurseries in the region.

We designed conservation-awareness campaign working with the kids aged 7-14 years old. The environmental enterprises clubs has been established on the two schools Kwembago and Yoghoi the clubs has taught how to start and manage their own business with demonstration of environmental enterprises tree nurseries being example.

Friends of Usambara Society were registered as a non-governmental with about 78 commited members. The overall goals of the Society are to develop and promote tourism in the Usambaras and to contribute to the conservation of the area's cultural and natural resources.
When making a walking tour, tourists pay an allowance to the guide and a small development fee [about US$ 5] to the Society. The Society uses this money to support activities that help to conserve the area's cultural and natural resources. So far this is the fund partnering with Friends of Tanzania to establishing the environmental enterprise club and empowering the primary school kids to participate fully on conserving the Usambara Mountains.

Tanzania Cultural tourism program as Pro-poor/ community based tourism initiative in Tanzania that gives a chance to local people to organize some excursions/tours in their present natural environment where the real culture of the people is explored by tourists. Since its inception Cultural Tourism has shown good potential for directly contributing to poverty reduction through direct tour fees, jobs/salaries for local people, markets for local product (foodstuffs, handcrafts), exposure to knowledge and increase in confidence to local people to do little-known things.

Targeting youth in primary school kids in Kwembago and Yoghoi Villages.
Unemployment to the youth in Africa is one of the cross cutting issue facing millennium development goal. After finishing primary school education most youth and mainly young women goes to town looking for jobs and hence no jobs in town, then they do engages on drugs and prostitution. They come from the most marginalized communities in Lushoto are in the world’s third poorest economy the GDP is $ 150 per capital tree

To empower the youth in two primary schools aged 7-14 years old on environmental enterprises and business management skills while raising standards of living and establishment of household level woodlots and community.

Organize sensitization meetings at local level to foster the sense of concern.
Strengthen and establishment of the clubs/ environmental enterprises clubs or groups as Committees at the village and school levels to create village institution that will take leadership in the project implementation roles. 
Provide new skills in rising and starting the tree nurseries
Promote Agro forestry an alternative income generating activity.
Promote tree-planting activities involving indigenous and exotic tree species. Exotic species as fast growing will save time for the women running far to get fire wood while indigenous are good for agro forestry.


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