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Tree Planting

where we plantFoU plants trees to help slow global climate change. 

Please contribute to FoU’s trees project.

  • Help solve the climate crisis
  • SupportFoU’s work to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

FoU’s community participation model provides all the world citizens the chance to do their part in the climate crisis.

  • Contribute funds to grow and plant trees at only US$0.10/tree in the Eastern Arc Mountains, and achieve a high return on your philanthropic investment
  • Volunteer to provide “in kind” support to this project
  • Help to educate subsistence farmers about agroforestry so they can increase land productivity, produce a surplus, and graduate from extreme poverty
  • This project allows you to do your part in the climate crisis, starting today.
  • For a greater impact, plant a 5,000 tree forest for US$500 and go carbon zero!

Where we plant:

Friends of Usambara Society currently raises trees in large tree nurseries and plants trees in the West Usambara Mountains of northern Tanzania.

  • To date, FoU has planted over 20 million trees
  • Given adequate funding, it plans to plant 100 million trees over the next 5 years on about 90,000 hectares in the West and East Usambaras
  • FoU plans to expand this effort to other Eastern Arc Mountain ranges to meet its goal of planting 1 billion trees in East Africa by 2030

Why we plant:

  • Climate change threatens biodiversity in the Eastern Arc Mountains Biodiversity Hotspot.
  • We must counter deforestation and the loss of the African Rainforest ecosystem by planting trees
  • Trees have the ability to absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide and sequestering it as wood, helping to slow global climate change
  • Deforestation has led to higher rates of erosion, and tree roots hold soils in place and prevent the unnecessary loss of valuable topsoil
  • Trees bring groundwater to the surface, helping to preserve the local water catchment basins
  • Trees provide local cooling through transpiration
  • Food trees given to subsistence farmers to plant in agroforestry provide a means for them to improve family nutrition and a surplus they can sell at market to help them graduate from extreme poverty
  • FoU creates hundreds of local jobs that support families in the Mountains

Youth and Climate Change:

Education is an important element of FoU’s work.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s conservation leaders, which is why FoU creates 4-H Million Trees Project youth development clubs where the students are put into leadership positions.

  • School tree nurseries serve as onsite science labs where students can learn about and practice the scientific method
  • Kids learn from their supportive teachers who integrate the Trees for the 21st Century curriculum into lessons about environmental conservation, botany, and horticulture
  • Students put the lessons into practice as they have fun growing and planting trees that beautify their schools, their homes, and their region
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